What’s Coming in June…

  1. New posts. Including 2 scotch reviews and some other writing I’m working on this weekend.
  2. Some longer form articles. Probably just one a month though for now
  3. Content from people that are new to The Boozy Beggar
  4. Summer cocktails – the goal is to keep it diverse, so not just gin and rum
  5. WINE posts!
  6. Summer Beer ideas from Sessions to High ABV treats – a frequent series
  7. Sandwich Saturday – I reset my diet some and kicked out bread and added sugars for much of May. Adding bread back in small amounts, mainly for Sandwich Saturday posts! Some will be my own creation, with pairings, others will be out in Chicago.

Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – Pipeworks Stormy & Dark Caribbean Cocktail Inspired Ale

Catching up with posts.
Someone from the brewery put this in a box without me realizing it months ago. I like this way more than I expected! Radly made pals!
A beer riff on the Dark & Stormy, which is rum, ginger beer, lime, and then a darker rum floating on top, creating the name and effect. Ginger gets misused a lot in beer, in my opinion, often combining poorly with lower attenuation to create a candy sweetness. Here, the beer felt dry enough, even a little bit of a funkiness to it, that the ginger and lime played a subtle and appropriate role.
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1S5qN5C

Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – Perennial Artisan Ales, Regalia, bottled 4/2014.

Malt expressed as caramel and almost a light molassesy funk. Almost like an aged darker rhum agricole. Nice balance of co2 and brett that doesn’t dominate. A little bread maybe. A touch of alcohol heat. Cherry and peach in the aroma carry through to the body. Really elegant beer. Touch sweeter than I expected after 22 months. The residual sweetness, and it being rather bready, combined with the funk, makes me approach this like a Biere de Garde. Would be great with rich meat dishes.

via Instagram http://ift.tt/24xPLEt

My Top U.S. Breweries Right Now

In no particular order yet. This will change over time, as I fail to keep up with one place versus falling in love with another. Or, as a brewery adds releases that I am not as in love with as their prior work. Or it’ll expand. What I’m saying is, this is based on the past week or two of drinking, things I’m excited to drink, and so on. Dear Friends on this list: Don’t make a big stink when you are off it for a month or two, or if aren’t on it yet. Relax, don’t worry, have a beer. Also, this is based on stuff I can get. I love Russian River, but I do not randomly run into it at a bottle shop and get to make a last minute decision to buy it at a bar when I should be going home. Readers, twitter followers, etc, feel free to suggest other favorites and I’ll just grow this more and turn it into a behemoth.

1. Surly
2. Penrose
3. Metropolitan
4. Off Color
5. The Bruery
6. New Glarus
7. North Coast
8. Victory
9. Stone
10. Cascade
11. Perennial Artisan Ales
12. Pipeworks
13. Avery
14. Anchorage
15. Central State
16. Allagash
17. Forbidden Root
18. Founders
19. Upland
20. Firestone Walker
21. Maine Beer Co
22. Almanac


Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – The Toddy Goldman

 The Heidi toddy. Or is it the Toddy Goldman? Heidi’s chai tea infused vodka, egg white, honey syrup, splash of fresh squeezed lemon. Garnished with cinnamon and @bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters.
2 oz Chai Tea-infused Vodka (see below for process)
1.5 oz of milk
1 oz honey syrup
0.25 oz fresh lemon juice
egg white
Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla bitters
Dry shake (without ice) all ingredients but bitters for 10 seconds. Get furious with it. Then add ice and shake for 15 seconds. Strain over ice. Garnish with the bitters.
Infusion – ratio of 5 tablespoons of chai tea (loose) to 3 cups (basically 1 bottle is fine) of vodka. Shake daily for a week, store away from sunlight. Strain, make cocktail above.

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Half Acre Chocolate Camaro Release Party at Farm Bar

Farm Bar’s first official event since opening a few months ago. This milk stout from Half Acre gets brewed with lactose sugar and cacao. Lactose sugar is unfermentable by beer yeast, giving you a rather luscious mouthfeel that compliments chocolate, and in turn both compliment earthy English hops (Fuggles) that balance the sweetness.

Chocolate Camaro will be on a regular tap line AS WELL as on a nitro line. Compare the two. Also on tap are Malibu Stout (featuring galaxy hops), Shrub Tundra (a coffee brown ale), and a Lychee fruit IPA collaboration. All pours only $6 dollars from 5-9 PM.

Here’s a fun link to the Reader’s review that also included musical suggestions from reviewer Philip Montaro.

Bottles & Cans introduces Wine & Beer of the Month Clubs

Bottles & Cans, North Center’s cutest bottle shop for beer, wine, and spirits, introduced Wine and Beer of the Month Clubs this holiday season. Given the trust so many place in Carly and Joe’s taste buds (in truth, beer selection is done by their 2 year old, Audrey, who’s a booze savant), this is a no-brainer if you are constantly looking for new beers to try, and befuddled by row upon row of shelves.

Each month you will get a variety of beer or wine; here’s the breakdown.

3, 6, or 12 month subscription

39.99/month for beer, 49.99/month for wine

BEER: 2 large format beers (16.9 oz, 22 oz, 750ml), 4 small format beers (11.2 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz)

WINE: 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Miscellaneous (rose, sparkling, dessert, etc)

Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – Fountainhead Market

Not the best picture of a holiday treat for myself. Groundswell Coffee Roasters made an exclusive Porter-influenced coffee blend for Fountainhead and the FH Market. Had to have some for myself. And there’s really no such thing as having too much scotch. 14 year old bottling by Gordon & McPhail from the Dailuaine distillery. 336 bottles, single sherry cask, bottled exclusively for Chicago-based BC Merchants. No chilled filtering or artificial coloring.

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