Welcome to The Boozy Beggar, v. 2.0

Finally, the time came to make a lot of drastic changes to the life of the Boozy Beggar. I’m no longer working in a law office, at all. Instead, I’m splitting my time between bartending and helping out some brands I love – more on that later. For now, you can find me at Bar Deville on Saturdays, in the back room, and at The Berkshire Room on Mondays. When I realized I was going to take the plunge, and essentially put my boozy powers to full-time use, I realized that The Boozy Beggar needed to be more than it was, with a new look, a lot of new and more interactive features, and consistent approach to liquor, beer, cocktails, cider, and even wine. This is going to be much more of a journey, with me both as explorer of new things, and guide to the things I know and love. Maybe along the way, there will be some magic too (Notice the new boozy wizard, thanks Pamela!).

I’ll have to figure out all the kinks in the machine as they pop up (please, email info@boozybeggar.com if you have any suggestions, complaints, recipes, events, or so on).

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