Brewers Against Bad Things (and some 3 Sheeps Brewing events)

When I first heard about the Brewers Against Bad Things, I thought “this is going to be a cute internet comic, with mash paddles that shoot magic beams and beards that give their owners +5 against beer-consuming dragons.” The name’s light-hearted, but also succintly explains the focus. These are brewers dedicated to philanthropy, for serious charitable causes, in a light-hearted way. Mash paddles that raise money to fight cancer and poverty.

There first foray into being against bad things, is to help in the fight to promote Men’s Health, and battle prostate cancer, with the Brew Men Calendar, which is basically a bunch of handsome pantless beer dudes (11 in fact), raising money…the best way they know how? Some of my friends will be very happy to have this little bit of Sheboygan’s brewing culture in their homes this holiday season.

I found out about this project from one of the 11 himself, Grant Pauly, former Chicagoan, and owner of 3 Sheeps Brewing (learn more about Grant and Three Sheeps). Really Cool Waterslides, 3 Sheeps deliciously drinkable IPA, ends up being my beer of choice at my local bowling alley (Lincoln Square Lanes – 2.5 Really Cool Waterslides makes me a moderately better bowler than when I started the night).


Tonight at Monk’s Pub, you can meet Grant himself, for Thank God It’s Firkin Friday. They’ll be tapping a firkin of something special from 3 Sheeps! Also, check back here at the new blog for more events from 3 Sheeps and Brewers Against Bad Things, plus some reviews/lists of 3 Sheeps beers and pairing suggestions.

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