Nellcôte celebrates National Pizza Week, benefiting Chicago Rescue One Tail at a Time

Do you like pizza and dogs? If the answer is no, seriously, your cold black heart doesn’t belong here. Nellcôte loves pizza, to the point of milling their own flour for their pizza dough, and they clearly love dogs. They’re donating a portion of all pizza profits during National Pizza Week (January 5th to the 12th) to One Tail at a Time, a Chicago-based no-kill dog rescue.

Pizzas on the menu include:

margherita: san marzano tomato sauce / basil /extra virgin olive oil / domestic mozzarella
sunny side up organic egg: d.o.p. fontina / mozzarella / arugula
spicy n’duja: calabrian salami / pickled peppers / spinach / garlic / smoked provolone
house made fennel sausage: san marzano tomato sauce / wood roasted mushrooms / parmigiano / mozzarella
grilled blue shrimp: roasted cherry tomatoes / smoked provolone / chili flake / grilled rapini / tomato sauce
NEW, Vegan Pie–topped with pesto, arugula, basil, capers, lemon, watercress, roasted eggplant caponata, raw sliced garlic, and 12 year balsamic for $14.

Check back here next week for some pairing ideas! Pale Ales and that fennel sausage is a good start. There’s quite the cocktail list as well though.




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