Good Beer Hunting and Intelligentsia’s Downers and Uppers w/Solemn Oath Brewery

Two events, so basically two chances to try Intelligentsia and Solemn Oath Brewery experiments in coffee beers, presented by Good Beer Hunting. I think Michael’s (GBH) flyer explains what you’re getting yourself into best (see below).

January 27th – a bevvy of coffee beer experiments. I’ll probably try to make this for a round since I’ll be out in the burbs. And I’ve never actually seen SOB.

February 16th – A monday at the map room. 6pm, two beers. A coffee ipa and then a milk stout with coffee aged in Heaven Hill barrels. Re-read that. You need to be at this if you’re not working (I am, sadly).

Coffee beers are at the forefront of what I’m into with beers these days. There’s so many methods for the infusion, so many ways to approach it per style, and so many oddball combos (like the IPA series). I’ve judged a coffee beer competition and what amazes me is how you’ve got a range of attempts, from using coffee as just one of many spices in a beer, to featuring it in the most mild of bright golden ales.


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