Fermented #28 – The Local IPAs series – Begyle Hophazardly

The general principle, drink local, makes a lot of sense across a wide spectrum of styles (and none at all with others), and perhaps none more so than IPAs. Most of the country gets their hops from the same place, and most of the grain comes from the Midwest anyway. In particular, there’s probably someone in your town making a killer IPA that is worth supporting enthusiastically. In Chicago, there are many, and the goal is talk about them a little bit more. You don’t need that Whale of an IPA from California or the East Coast, when you’ve got some of these in your own backyard.

Last month or so, I started this series with a few beers in mind – Ale Syndicate Municipal IPA, and this delicious offering from Begyle, Hophazardly IPA.


My review notes basically remain the same as from this summer, posted on the old blog: “Nice orange, bordering on red beer, with an almost white, eggshell head. Floral and citrus, almost candy and perfumey aroma. This beer brings all the goodness of midwestern IPAs, with a mashbill that does some of the work to compliment a nice array of American hop varieties. I have mixed feelings on bombers, but this is the perfect amount of Hophazardly. Strangely, I’ve been drinking this one after a good run.”

The Hops: Citra and Simcoe. I like the idea of these two together – Citra being the new kid on the block, and Simcoe being everyone’s hop love affair back in like the 2006-2010 years, when I first got obsessed with beer and homebrewing. Kevin from Begyle said they were aiming to brew a “sexy IPA that was not overly bitter” and keeping these hops to light bittering use but heavy late additions would push the profile that way. Nice malty backbone from the caramel malts that also give it that reddish hint. The malts also push that candy and caramel aroma.

I will add that besides being a great beer for a bomber, because you’re going to want more than a glass of Hophazardly, it is also great in a 32 oz growler, as pictured above. Share it, have a 2nd healthy pour (its 7.1%, slow down there champions of the 64 oz and 128 oz growler).


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