Fermented #29 – Founders Brewing Black Rye

I’ve put off this review for too long because of bad photos.  But I can’t any longer. This beer will slowly be disappearing from taps and shelves as it’s seasonality (for Founders) comes to an end. This is a beer I can drink all year round though. Delicious porter-like notes of roasted coffee beans, toasted bread, and dried cocoa powder lay underneath a bitter forest of hop aromas. All that gets wrapped up with a dry, spicy rye finish.

If you haven’t tried this beer yet, you owe it to yourself to find some for this nice spring weather. You might even be able to sip one of these on your porch this week.

ABV: 7.5%


Hops: German and American mix

IBUS: 78

Known Malts: 2-row, rye malt, wheat (one of those two might be dark, might debittered)


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