Ride for AIDS Chicago 2015 – The Boozy Beggar Rides!

Hi, my name is Seth Feldman, though many people in the food & beverage industry in Chicago probably know me just as well as The Boozy Beggar, a sometime blogger/bartender/all around craft booze guy. This year I’ve decided to challenge myself physically and help raise awareness/money for TPAN, the Test Positive Awareness Network. TPAN “empowers everyone living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS to live open, healthy, and productive lives.” My partner Pamela, is a team captain, and we’ll be riding two hundred miles over two days in the Ride for AIDS-CHICAGO 2015 (RFAC 2015). You can read more about TPAN’s mission here.

As part of my commitment to TPAN and the RFAC 2015, I’ll be fundraising throughout the summer. While on our first training ride of the year, a windy, chilly, “spring” day in Chicago, I realized that if I could get 100 craft breweries/distilleries to donate just $10 dollars each, I’d easily surpass my fundraising commitment and involve the local/craft community I’m a part of in this endeavor. With over 600 craft distilleries and 3000 craft breweries in the US, there’s bound to be a lot of people affected by this disease, by the stigmas attached to it, and so on. Seemed like a great chance for all of us to help change things at basically the cost of two beers or a great cocktail.

On top of the fundraising needed as part of my commitment to the RFAC and TPAN, Pamela and I also need a 2nd kit (jersey/shorts) for the 2nd day of the ride – the 2nd 100 miles. One idea would be to place the logos of any donating breweries/distilleries onto the jersey and shorts. Another would be to wear a jersey from a brewery/distillery as part of their contribution to the ride (though that would clearly be more than the easy $10 dollar donation). I’d love to hear from craft brewery and craft distillery people, and will be sharing on my blog, boozybeggar.com, the names of all that participate (plus probably some useful info on their tasty products).

My fundraising page is http://rideforaids.kintera.org/2015/theboozybeggar


Seth, The Boozy Beggar


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