Thursday Night Things You Should Do

Two fun events, and I’m debating if I can figure out how to do both.

Sauced Takes Thalia Hall! (6 – 11 pm)
Chicago’s raddest night market returns, this time taking over Thalia Hall with 30+ vendors of food, beer, and local goods.
I can’t speak much about all the amazing local goods, but there’s a list here at the Facebook event page.
What I can do is highly recommend innovative young breweries Marz Community Brewing and Moody Tongue Brewing. Both are on the forefront of Chicago’s craft scene, using culinary techniques or modern brewing twists on classic styles.

Towers of Sours at Fountainhead (7 – 11 pm)

Get all the Destihl sour beers you can possibly experience in one evening, on the Rooftop at Fountainhead. 12 taps, 12 Destihl beers, including a “surprise” offering of their sour base (if you weren’t already surprised by all the St. Dekkera offerings, this is the beer that underlies all of them). See the list below!

Wild Sour Series Here Gose Nothin’: Leipzig-style Gose.
Wild Sour Series Counter Clockweiss:
Wild Sour Series Lynnbrook: Raspberry Berlinerweiss-
St. Dekkera Poire: Lambic-style sour pear ale.
St. Dekkera Flanders Red: Flanders-style sour red ale.
St. Dekkera Kers Blanc: Lambic-style sour ale aged over cherries in French oak red wine barrels.
St. Dekkera Pomme: Lambic-style sour apple ale.
St. Dekkera Excommunie Trois Pomme: Sour Trappist-style Tripel with apples.
St. Dekkera Lambic: South Belgian style lambic (the mother beer all their fruit sours)
St. Dekkera L’Emissaire: Sour pale ale.
St. Dekkera Fraise: Lambic-style sour ale with strawberries.

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