Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – The Shadow Knows from Libertine in Minneapolis

The Shadow Knows.
Rye whiskey, black peppercorn infused gin, demerara syrup, creole bitters, smoked absinthe.
A lot going on flavor-wise, in a cocktail that is essentially just a Sazerac variation. If anyone would be interested in a post about infusing gin with black peppercorn, I’d be into playing around. Best to use a simpler gin, but one that is citrus-forward, for the infusion. I think you could also substitute Chicago Distilling’s Finn’s Gin, which has a zip of Szechuan Peppercorn, in a variation ON this variation. As for smoking the absinthe, your best bet is to watch this video with an acquaintance of mine, Sother Teague, and look into the second half of it. Not a cheap endeavor, but if you’re into smoke-infusing liquids and liquors, this is for you.

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