Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – tea, lavender, honey, gin

2 oz hendricks gin
1.75 oz earl grey tea (i steeped two bags of Stash earl grey green and black in 10 oz of water)
0.75 oz brovo spirits lavender liqueur
0.75 oz fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz honey syrup (8 oz of clover honey and 8 oz of water heated together til honey dissolved)

Shake. Strain. Not sure I would serve this over ice again. And it needs a pretty garnish. Would pair well with tea-centric food, salads, grilled fish or chicken.

BroVo lavender is becoming rarer and rarer as production moves to other products. If you can’t find it…infuse the honey syrup with the lavender (a few lavender sprigs would do it), and use a whole oz.

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