Half Acre Chocolate Camaro Release Party at Farm Bar

Farm Bar’s first official event since opening a few months ago. This milk stout from Half Acre gets brewed with lactose sugar and cacao. Lactose sugar is unfermentable by beer yeast, giving you a rather luscious mouthfeel that compliments chocolate, and in turn both compliment earthy English hops (Fuggles) that balance the sweetness.

Chocolate Camaro will be on a regular tap line AS WELL as on a nitro line. Compare the two. Also on tap are Malibu Stout (featuring galaxy hops), Shrub Tundra (a coffee brown ale), and a Lychee fruit IPA collaboration. All pours only $6 dollars from 5-9 PM.

Here’s a fun link to the Reader’s review that also included musical suggestions from reviewer Philip Montaro.

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