My Top U.S. Breweries Right Now

In no particular order yet. This will change over time, as I fail to keep up with one place versus falling in love with another. Or, as a brewery adds releases that I am not as in love with as their prior work. Or it’ll expand. What I’m saying is, this is based on the past week or two of drinking, things I’m excited to drink, and so on. Dear Friends on this list: Don’t make a big stink when you are off it for a month or two, or if aren’t on it yet. Relax, don’t worry, have a beer. Also, this is based on stuff I can get. I love Russian River, but I do not randomly run into it at a bottle shop and get to make a last minute decision to buy it at a bar when I should be going home. Readers, twitter followers, etc, feel free to suggest other favorites and I’ll just grow this more and turn it into a behemoth.

1. Surly
2. Penrose
3. Metropolitan
4. Off Color
5. The Bruery
6. New Glarus
7. North Coast
8. Victory
9. Stone
10. Cascade
11. Perennial Artisan Ales
12. Pipeworks
13. Avery
14. Anchorage
15. Central State
16. Allagash
17. Forbidden Root
18. Founders
19. Upland
20. Firestone Walker
21. Maine Beer Co
22. Almanac


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