The Wine List!

Ok, it is time to start documenting some of my experiences with wine.

For fair warning, I am not an oenophile and I am just now teaching myself about wine, both in terms of grapes and in terms of producing regions. I’m going to approach this a lot like I would spirits, but with a mind toward changes in vintage. As I find a wine that I love, I’m going to write about the grape variety, the regional distinctions worth playing with, and probably then compare to another brand available with similarities to touch upon. Interesting notes about the producers will be important too. Whatever else gets thrown in there, I am open to feedback!

Along those same lines, I am also looking for people to write regularly about wine. Preference is for it to be at least twice a month if you’re looking for something more long-form style, and once a week if you would just like to write up wines people should look for and where to look for them.

There’s a few people I plan to bug about this idea, and learn more from, and I hope to throw some interviews up or at least get some listicles from these folks. If you see this and want to volunteer to subjected to my madness, email me (you have to find the emails for the blog so I don’t risk bots trolling me).



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