King’s Day with La Trappe Trappist – April 27th

Join the Artisanal Imports crew in a mini-bar crawl of Kingly proportions (really, it’ll be more like playing tag with Adam and Nick, if you can find them!). Every year The Netherlands celebrates the birth of their monarch, now King Willem-Alexander, and Artisanal Imports celebrates in kind, with the La Trappe Trappist line of Dutch Trappist beers. The La Trappe Trappist tradition produces some fantastic products, bringing both tradition and innovation to life in liquid form. From their dutch Bock to the new La Trappe Witte Mandarina Bavaria (their one and only trappist witte using Mandarina Bavaria hops for an extra citrus burst), La Trappe also produces the largest variety of Trappist beers ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET. Planet Trappist? 

Here’s your details:

Monk’s Pub
La Trappe Witte ● Witbier ● 5.5% ABV
La Trappe Blonde ● Belgian Inspired Golden Ale ● 6.5% ABV
La Trappe Tripel ● Tripel ● 8% ABV
La Trappe Dubbel ● Dubbel ● 7% ABV

Paramount Room
La Trappe Isid’or Belgian Strong Ale 7.5%
La Trappe Witte Trappist 5.5%
La Trappe Blond Belgian Pale Ale 6.5%

Rockwell’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill
TBD (to be drunk?)

Clark Street Ale House


I’ll make you a deal – if YOU take a picture of yourself with Adam or Nick in TWO of these locations tomorrow night, I will give you a La Trappe Quad Oak Aged from my personal collection.












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