A New Era Begins…

I have been lax around here lately. No excuses. It happens here, and I wish it didn’t. But now I have some really cool new motivations to dive into this old blog and this old boozy scene in the form of:

  1. New Jobs/Roles: I am now the Chicago area/Illinois state managers for both a Brewery AND a Distillery. I will do separate intros for each on here this coming week, including a running list of establishments supporting us and getting into the fun of what both places do.
  2. Conceptually, there’s too many breweries to cover in Chicagoland, nevermind the whole country. So I’m going to basically work the blog on a quarterly/seasonal, basis. August list will come out this weekend and then we’ll re-evaluate for fall, or drop some breweries temporarily.
  3. There will be a lot more focus on the craft distilleries I enjoy, to go along with some of the classic producers. Like craft beer, the explosion of the movement makes it hard to keep track of who is doing what, when, why, etc. I will try to develop a few particular focuses (one of them will be using craft spirits in classic cocktails, with fun variations).
  4. There’s a mocktail project coming soon, and I will also be making some of those mocktails easily convertible to cocktails with small booze additions. Really excited about this because it combines something I love working on as a bartender with some new talent here. Also, I am not the writer for the main bulk of this project. I hope this series starts some regular appearances by friends of mine!
  5. I don’t really have a five yet. I leave you with this picture of me drinking a beer.

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