Two James Spirits – Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum Event at Sparrow, 8/15, 7 PM

I mentioned in a previous post that I am working with both a brewery and a distillery. The distillery, which I will feature soon in a write-up of our products and some other info, is Two James Spirits. We’re right in Corktown in Detroit, but you can virtually all of our products in the Illinois market, and in particular, in the Chicago area. As I spotlight different products and events, I’ll try to keep a list of who’s serving what, pairing ideas for restaurants, and more. A lot of cocktails I put up will have a Two James version as well as a non-Two James version.

Let’s jump right into things though.

Two James Spirits released Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum earlier this summer, and we’re having our first official Chicago launch event at Sparrow on Tuesday, 8/15, at 7 PM. Myself and Andy Mohr, one of my bosses, will be present, pouring small samples of the Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum, as well as suggesting some cocktail ideas. We’ll also be able to answer any questions about this delicious pot-stilled, highly funky Jamaican rum. We actually select 3 rums from Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica, and blend them at our distillery in Detroit, finishing the blend for 3 months in Muscatel barrels from Spain. Thing of note below.

Nose: tropical fruit, funk, coconut, pineapple, life
Flavor: strong pineapple, mango, passionfruit, coconut and butterscotch notes; almond, oak
Components: 6 year aged, medium ester, pot-still Jamaican rum; unaged, medium ester, pot-still Jamaican rum; unaged, high ester, pot-still Jamaican rum
Moscatel – fortified wine from Moscatel grapes (85% of the wine, minimum) from Spain


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