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Seth R. Feldman

Homebrewer, Booze Blogger, & Beverage Consultant

My beverage journey began with homebrewing. While still practicing as an attorney I started using my weekend time to tinker with recipes and brew beer that only rarely showed up  in the early days of “craft beer.”  From there, I ended up as a bartender at Bar Deville, in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. Bar Deville taught me how to create a few dozen classic cocktails and riff off of them for guests, and eventually, I applied what I learned to make cocktails from scratch. Early on I developed a fascination for flavored syrups and interesting bitters recipes. 

From that education in beer (Cicerone Certified Beer Server) and cocktails (Southern Glazer’s Academy of Spirits) came a flurry of activity - a job as a spirits rep for a small Belgian distillery, another job repping brands for an importer and brand management company (including my exposure to some of the world’s best cider), and more bartending. Weddings and other bartending gigs started popping up on the side, customizing cocktails for events, and an assortment of food and booze projects I promoted or helped orchestrate. 

Eventually, more certifications and opportunities in the beverage world led to me leaving the law behind to work full-time in the industry, and jump fully into beverage consulting, sales, and even bar management. That led me to go from “beer blogger” to “booze blogger” and now I plan to add more experience and educational tools to what I can offer, both as a fun read and as a consultant for readers, businesses, and brands.

Future Goals
Cider Certification, Level 1
WSET Spirits Certification, Level 1 and Level 2
WSET Wine Certification, Level 1

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