Open Letter to Flying Dog/

Reprinting this here, as it represents a core belief of The Boozy Beggar, myself, and all things associated with where this blog is going.

Saison Day at The Hopleaf, April 8th, Noon

Every year (this is the 4th) Allagash celebrates the diversity of saisons by celebrating Saison Day with an event featuring their portfolio of saisons/farmhouse beers, poured alongside selections from their brewery friends from around the world. In Chicago, Saison Day gets hosted by the The Hopleaf, our bastion of Belgian and Belgian-style beers, and a…

March 2017 – My Top Breweries

This one is a particularly Chicago-centric list. If I haven’t had the beer in the city area yet, I’m not going to count it. This is really just the beginning of a weekly/monthly list of favorites on my radar, that I feel compelled to share with anyone reading. Seek out the beers from these breweries,…

Boozy Beggar Picture of the Day – Whiner Miaou

Whiner Miaou – A Blended Barrel-Aged Dry-Hopped Belgian Wheat Cans, cute as can be, available at Coalfire, my favorite pizza joint in the city. If you’re with a wine drinker, trust me, get the Argiano Super Tuscan. via Instagram

Off Color Brewing Night at The Barrel! 7pm Kickoff, 3/31!!!

I present to you, your last minute Friday night plan. Off Color Brewing sneaks into The Barrel with some pretty wicked tap offerings tonight, and makes off with all the cheese when they’re done. No promise that they’ll be in Dinosaur gear.

The Science of Sours: Brewmaster Panel Discussion at Lincoln Station

Panel Discussion: Tom Korder, Penrose Brewing Phil Wymore, Perennial Artisan Ales Matt Potts, Destihl Brewery Moderated by Certified Cicerone Patrick Gould. Three of the Midwest’s leading sour/funk/innoculated/wild ale producers, each brewery will bring two limited release beers that use some combination of Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, and Lactobacillus. And the panel will dive into the details of…

Oak Park Micro Brew and Food Review, August 15th

The Largest Zero Waste Beer Fest in the Midwest! Hosted by and benefitting Seven Generations Ahead, who’s mission is to promote the development of ecologically sustainable and healthy communities. Saturday, August 15th.  3PM – 7PM. 200 beers! 70+ breweries. Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild Replicales (saison this year). Brewery list here. Including these pals and favorites of…