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A Boozy Journal 3/365 - Miskatonic Vox

Since there's really no template for what this thing is yet, the below probably isn't the same info I shared for the last beer. We'll see how I figure this out, one template for all entries that it fits, or just make it up as I go? No rules in beer anymore, anyway.

Category: Beer Brewery: Miskatonic Brewing Company

Location: Darien, IL Style: Pilsner

Name: Vox

Unique Characteristics: a hybrid of munich lager ingredients (50%), which we figure is a catch-all for german pilsner ingredients in general, plus local barley (50%). Natural carbonation and unfiltered. One of those feels like an older craft throwback, to the back and forth of natural carbonation versus forced carbonation. The latter is a big catchphrase now and I'll leave it alone for this post. It's a very good beer for pizza and can easily go up the fancy tree for a beer dinner

Pilsner, as all you beer nerds know, is from Pilsen and the surrounding area, and gets made all over the world now, in all kinds of ways that still end up being...very much a Pilsner. How far from a pilsner can you go and still be one? That's a good question for this blog at some point. Who wants to do some qualitative and quantitative analysis with me on that topic? if you want to share some pilsners. I think it's entirely possible you can make a pilsner with ingredients you grew yourself - the right barley and hops anyway. The yeast you'd need to experiment with, to get the right flavor profile. Probably not something I'll try, but I know some really cool people doing that at home and for some really great breweries.

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