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A Boozy Journal - 9/365 - Bent Paddle Black (Nitro)

Nitro. Is it a gimmick or not?

Verdict: It's not, it's delicious, and I want to see it used more for the right styles.

Styles I love on Nitro:

British Bitters & ESBs, pretty much any stout but definitely Oatmeal Stouts, Brown Ales, all coffee beers, Porters

Delicious Evidence below.

Brewery: Bent Paddle

Location: Duluth, MN

Beer: Bent Paddle Black

Style: Porter

Serving Style: Draft, Nitro

ABV: 6%

Pairing ideas:

While a porter goes great with a lot of things, especially meats and cheeses, roasts, root veggies, etc, the nitro addition here makes this a great pairing with gooey mild cheeses, a fondue, AND most especially, a hearty flourless chocolate cake.


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