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A D&D Post!

While this blog is the official boozy proclamations of The Boozy Beggar, I also feel like it's just as good a place as any (read: I paid for the site again, might as well use it for more things) to start writing about and publishing some free D&D materials, plus some glimpses into the long-term Havenrick writing project. The project is an epic fantasy series and along the way I translated it into D&D and run games in that fantasy world for friends. I've started to become interested in monster creation, but I also want to share bits and pieces of my world and process. Some future D&D posts will include: A character series, done alphabetically, that will mix up both some clever character building with backstory creation and tying it into my world. A monster series, starting with the creatures of the Bar-desrah, the world of dreams, akin to the Astral Plane with a bonus level of creepy and weird layered on top.

Occasional ideas on fun combinations, how to create a thematic idea in character form, and more. I'm going to just jump into the D&D posting in the next day or two with the character series.

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