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A Top 20 Chicagoland Breweries List

Because I said on twitter I'd do it.

In no particular order, for now.

  1. Metropolitan

  2. Dovetail

  3. Whiner

  4. Off Color

  5. Spiteful

  6. Pilot Project - Brewer's Kitchen

  7. Maplewood

  8. Old Irving

  9. Alarmist

  10. Half Acre

  11. Revolution

  12. Hopewell

  13. Casa Humilde

  14. Kinslagher

  15. Haymarket

  16. Une Annee

  17. Afterthought

  18. Empirical

  19. Begyle

  20. Is/Was

On Tour, Church Street, Goldfinger, Lake Effect, Midwest Coast, Roaring Table, Noon Whistle, Great Central, Keeping Together, Dutchbag Brew Co, Orkenoy

This list is going to be updated regularly since the combination of my two jobs brings a lot of beer into the picture. I will probably come up with a fun little system for how breweries move up and down the list, with a key part of that being "Community Engagement" - how does this brewery use itself to better the community it is in. Opposite side of that - breweries that created unhealthy environments, employed people who were terrible to others, or fostered unsafe work environments/owned by terrible people will probably never make this list or will be removed when their terribleness is verified. Final comment. None of this represents the views of any of my employers.


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