• Seth, The Boozy Beggar

A Very Fall/Winter Holiday Project!

Here is an idea I had and I'd love for friends, old readers, Twitter followers, and more to get involved if they feel up to the project! We all have our holiday traditions, new and old. Some are the recipes of our parents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and so on, that we recreate each year to both evoke the past and to carry certain values and beliefs and even the spirit of people into our futures.

I'd love for people in my life/internet life to send me their favorite holiday recipes for the fall/winter season. Favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa recipes you make with your friends and family AND that you'd like to see paired with cocktails, beer, wine, ciders, and more. My plan is to start getting these recipes and pairings out on November 10th, interspersed with posts about cocktails, D&D, local Chicago beer, homebrewing, and more.

I'd also love some audience participation - you make the dish, I drop the beer, and we pair separately and safely at home, chatting about it and what we noticed worked in the pairing, and how this comfort food fit.

Email me at boozybeggar@gmail.com, with the Title "HOLIDAY PROJECT" and let's start a conversation about holiday food!