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Coffee and a Song, #1 - Pinback's "Sender"

Ear worms. I get them daily. I could make whole soundtracks to my days by the songs that I wake up with looping in and out of my thoughts. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to how that happens, but sometimes the best way to enjoy a song nestled so deep in your consciousness is to just sit and listen to it with your morning cup of coffee (or your afternoon cup of coffee).

Coffee: Groundswell Coffee Roaster's Gibuzale from Uganda.

Here's two versions of Pinback's song "Sender" as well as the lyrics as posted to Songmeanings.com

Original version.

Live version - (touch faster than the original, bit more dynamic - great performance with some funny interruptions?)

Pinback - "Sender" from the album Summer in Abaddon

shoes crack where you walk, settle down. inside, outside. amazing cut it back. get in some clean fresh air.

acute angles divide my path that i had lost, path that i had lost

tongue tied. couldn't talk. settle down. inside, outside. amazing. haven't lost. haven't cured at all.

acute angles divide my path that i had lost, path that i had lost

and when you see a boat come in a straight line, you know it's going straight down. and then you feel like a flower sender. lender, like you (i close my eyes) nothing to see here.

cloud tank given off. watered down. stick side outside, the razing. wasn't cool, wasn't fair at all.

acute angles divide my path that i had lost, path that i had lost (i close my eyes)

and when you see the big crack in the sunlight. you know it's over somehow. and then a pinhole sky expodes out, ball of fire. supernova falls down on you. (i close my eyes) (nothing to see here)


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