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#Coronavirus5k Contest/Project!

Updated: Apr 1

Working from home isn't easy for all of us. Been quite a struggle to stay motivated, to make sure I'm checking in with my health, and so on. To that end, and to make myself move and take time to listen to music too, I made myself run a bunch last week. Certainly have the time for it right now. That led me to thinking, why not make it a thing to keep everyone engaged in a little project, sharing music, routes, and of course, your post-run beer, cocktail, wine, etc.

I Drew a Flower

Here's the deal:

1) Run a 5k or longer

2) Screenshot your playlist and your route on Runkeeper or Strava.

3) Have a post-run beverage that afternoon or evening.

3) Hashtags: #coronavirus5k #30minmovingquarantine #runbeforebeer #runbeforedrink

4) Post, tag me @boozybeggarchi on instagram or twitter OR email me your route, screenshot, and drink. 5) Each run is an entry in a chance to win some prizes drawn on Sundays at 6pm.

Jungle Bird cocktail


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