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Cygnus X-1 Porter, Flat Earth Brewing

My love of the porter, especially the classic English porter and some of the early American varieties, is still central to my personal beer preferences. A topic for another time perhaps, is what the hell's the difference between American and English porter, especially in this world of adjunct flavorings and barrel-aged porters. Today though, I just want to celebrate a delicious experience. Cygnus X-1 hit a lot of nice coffee, roast, and bitter chocolate notes for me, while having a casual afternoon-friendly body to it. Dry finish. Crushed this cool can while playing mini-golf at Can Can Wonderland in Minneapolis; the irony of Flat Earth jokes combined with a beer named after a black hole fit well with the artsy and adventurous mini-golf course, and the renovated 1950s pinball games.

Style: English Porter (all imported malt and hops except for some american rye)

ABV: 6.5%

Availability: Year-round

What do you think, new and old readers, keep some beer statistics in each post, but not necessarily at the top? Or load that stuff up first, talk a little, picture, done? Email me at and share your thoughts!

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