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A Rum Advent Calendar I can get behind... (Holiday Gifts, #1)

Who, you said? Spiribam. The folks behind importing and getting distribution in (among other places) the U.S. for Distillerie J.M, Habitation Clément, and St. Lucia Distillers. The portfolio's also expanded to include some liqueurs vermouths from Joseph Carton of Burgundy. You'll be seeing lots of posts here, big and small, from this cool importation house. Great products represented by people who respect their brands and work closely with their producers. For now, a quick shoutout and this excellent holiday present! I'll post a few other cool holiday days all the way up until the 23rd, for those of you like me who sometimes struggle with present ideas.

Link for this cool product is here. 20 bottles of rum (50ml bottles I believe) including Boozy Beggar house bottles for cocktails like Chairman's Spiced, Chairman's Reserve, and Clément Blanc.

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