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There's a lot of different vibes that work for me, for a cocktail night. Dark and classy, a little gritty, fancy and jazzy, patios of all kinds, and hotel lobbies. They have a transitional feel like they're the Level 1 of your night, and you can really set the tone there. Larry's tone is playful and doesn't take itself too seriously, with a mix of nostalgia and trendiness that makes it an easy social spot, while giving you some sophistication and complexity to enjoy in your glass. The staff here always seems to excel at hospitality, no matter the customer.

The highlight: Organized Noize (first picture below)

"A punch of bourbon, rums, fernet, fruited black tea, spices and lemon, all milk-clarified for a silky-smooth texture, served with nutmeg." Also recommend: Happiness is Easy (second picture below), Dutty Ripoff Current menu:


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