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Let's Bloom... Cocktail.

This cocktail isn't just a pretty face. Strawberry cordial plus a complex bouquet of gin open you up for the benefits of sunlight and patio breezes. Lilacs serve an aromatic purpose, but the past few years they've also been a great signifier for spring being in bloom in Uptown and around the northside of Chicago.

One.5 oz Chicago Distilling Finn's Gin

0.75 oz strawberry cordial - see here for cordial instructions 0.75 oz lemon juice 0.5 oz Brovo Falernum 0.25 oz Campari

Take all the ingredients above, pour in a shaker. Add ice, shake hard for 20 seconds, strain into a coupe or other nice cocktail class, preferably a chilled one!

For the Blooming Prestige, a slightly fancier version, make the cordial 1 oz and top with an ounce of brut champagne or dry sparkling wine/rosé!

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