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Local Journalism needs your support! Kickstarter Campaign for Block Club Chicago.

Ok, so maybe they're not going to hire me to do their headlines. I'll deal. This blog is not quite operational (the Death Star wasn't either, so back off). That said, I want you to support Block Club Chicago, and I want you know The Boozy Beggar does, and I want you to know that you can expect more things like this from this blog. Local journalism is as important as local food, local beer, local bees, local whatever. It can only be as good as the supporting community, and the efforts of that community to give it nourishment (dropping this metaphor before it breaks).

What is Block Club Chicago (a journalist would have put that in the first paragraph, Seth)? It's a non-profit neighborhood news site started by former editors and reporters from DNAinfo Chicago. This team of editors and reporters launched their kickstarter yesterday, and quickly surpassed their fundraising goals. Now they're looking to add digital photography equipment and mobile software, and then follow that up with more freelance writing and eventually (at the 100k mark) even hire another reporter to join their incubating team.

According to Robert Feder, a local reporter himself, you can expect Block Club to fully roll out in April. Robert also breaks down what you can expect and how this venture got started.

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