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World Gin Day

I had no idea, or at least no recollection of this holiday but, I figure I'd better celebrate. I've been moving back and forth between my love of classic, juniper heavy London dry style gins and some of the softer New Western gins. This gem from J. Carver in Minnesota features some MN clover and wild rice along with a bevvy of classic roots, spices, and botanicals.

2 oz J. Carver Grimm Farm gin

0.75 oz C. Comoz Vermouth Blanc

0.75 oz Strawberry-Rhubarb Cordial

0.75 oz Lemon juice, fresh squeezed

0.25 oz Campari

Garnish: fresh mint, bunch, smacked in palm to open up aromatics

World Gin Day - Porch Garden

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