• Seth, The Boozy Beggar

Omurice + Shishu Mars Iwai Japanese Whisky @ Izakaya Mita

Do yourself a favor this weekend and get this for brunch. Don't look at me funny because I told you to get Japanese Whisky for breakfast - that's just what you do when you're a reader of this blog. You have obligations, my friend.

Omurice, the beautiful japanese omelet that is sometimes served with a deliciously runny inside and sits over a spicy-tomato sauced fried rice, pairs beautifully with the slightly fruit and bourbon-ish corn notes of Mars Shinshu Iwai Whisky. Mars Shinshu is Japan's highest whisky distillery, with water from granite filtered, snowmelt fed aquifers. Sounds like a very peaceful place, and maturation there is probably slower, and more like Scotland's, than some other areas known for whiskey (like Kentucky, for example). Find more of the Mars Shinshu story here. Many thanks to Emilie Rose Mita (née Bishop if you follow Chicago chefs around) and Brian Mita for the Omurice experience last weekend.

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