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Serving Size, Serving Strength, Serving Beer - An Occasional Series, Part 1.

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

This space will be a mini-feature dedicated to highlighting bars and breweries and all places serving beer - that do so in a variety of fashions - combining sense, responsibility, and a little business acumen. We'll get into what each of those things might mean, especially with the growing challenges of surviving in a crowded beer market. For now, since people are talking about it, I'm pro-samples (within reason) and anti-flight at a bar. If a brewery makes the decision to offer flights at their taproom to maximize their offerings, I consider it an invitation to criticize how it presents their beer. In a bar situation, I also understand why half-pours can be a poor financial decision. However, I think if you balance that decision with responsible beer service, you should probably have some beers offered either in smaller pours, or do your own size management based on ABV and keg cost (which don't always line up, but more often than not have a proportional relationship).

Anyway, ASK ME ANYTHING in the comments.

Look to posts with this title for highlighting topics about ABV, serving size/form, and more, and also highlighting Chicagoland spaces offering a variety of solutions.

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