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The Journey Back from an Infected Homebrewery

At some point, athletes don't win things. You can be the best player in your sport, the best team, you're going to lose. Challenges will exist and a response will be required. When it's just a hobby you're marginally better than mediocre at, it's easy to want to just give up and try something else. Somewhere though, is an optimistically inclined person saying that how we respond to challenges is what defines us. This blog will now document a homebrewing challenge - how do I recover from a brettanomyces-like infection that's taken down two beers, threatens a third, and comes on the heels of a batch ruined by autolysis.

The way forward from these disasters is going to be about finding a methodology for brewing in this Lawrence Ave, Uptown, Chicago apartment, finding some new best practices, and perhaps using the tainted equipment to our advantage.

Two Dwarves Beer, Pickles, and Saucery - a name inspired by two D&D characters, two very different Dwarves.

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