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The Random Year Music Project! Day 1


Burrowed in the bowels of a digital wasteland, an extension of my brain encased in plastic and powered by processors, there lies a table of my own making that generates random years between 1950 and 2024. Why that range? Because those are the years of music I most appreciate - this project cuts out classical music I enjoy, which will be a different project. Every day as I drink coffee and prepare for work, I roll two ten-sided die, generating a number between 1-100, and that selects a year. Let's get this started, daily posts, containing something from the year rolled. It might be a a favorite album, a favorite song, a new discovery, and or even the "addition" of a song to a Best Of list I'll slowly develop for that year. Today's Random Year - 1988

Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll

My first sit down with this album from start to finish. Moody and with obvious shoegaze overtones, though I couldn't find myself hooked on any particular bit for this first listen.

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