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The Astral Plane

What do you get when you're inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, Astral tequila, and the modern classic cocktail the Paper Plane? Boom, The Astral Plane. A tribute to that amorphous plane of being from mythology and role-playing games, this cocktail takes tequila (instead of the Paper Plane's call for bourbon) and marries it to Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse (replacing the Paper Plane's Amaro Nonino), and fresh lemon juice. You can make this equal parts, but give it a nudge more tequila to showcase what's in your glass a bit.

1 oz Astral Tequila (pick your favorite blanco if you're not able to get Astral)

0.75 Aperol

0.75 Yellow Chartreuse

0.75 fresh lemon juice

Garnish with a lemon peel, expressed over the top and dropped into the cocktail.

Photo by Josh Davis - Mr. Mixologist

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