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Booze Journal #2, Dark January #2, "Baby You Don't Know" & "It Does Nothing For Me"

"Baby You Don't Know" by Roaring Table Brewing, Oatmeal Stout

I am not sure what Baby doesn't know, and I don't believe I can know what it is I don't know, fundamentally. But I do KNOW this is a good beer, of dry cacao and earthy espresso notes, and easy drinking too. Carbonation is spot on for this ABV for me, in a way that evokes the stouts of England and Ireland poured in pubs.

"It Does Nothing For Me" by Lilys, In the Presence of Nothing Underappreciated shoegaze/dream-pop from 1992. Once described as amplified watercolors. The title alone brings this song into Dark January project, setting the tone of this song as "floating in a bath, sad and empty" or at least claiming to be so.


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