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Booze Journal #3, Dark January #3, The Detours #2 - "Rum Espresso Martini" and "Catalyst"

Espresso Martini, rum variation by Seth R. Feldman

1 oz aged low-ester Rum 0.5 oz high-ester Jamaican rum 0.5 oz chocolate liqueur

0.5 oz Coffee liqueur

0.25 oz Demerara syrup or 0.5 oz spiced simple syrup

2 dashes Bitter Ex Coffee Bitters

absinthe rinse

"Catalyst" by Black Cobra

This two piece metal act blew my mind around 2010 and it was this album that made me appreciate metal with screaming vocals more. But really, what I can't get enough of is the depth of what they do with just the two of them.


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