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Booze Journal #4, Dark January #4, "Adventurously Mild" and "Listen, The Snow is Falling"

"Adventurously Mild" by Temperance Brewing, English Dark Mild

This delicious 4% er says it's designed for fireside reading, and references how unmild our world is. Unfortunately, with so much truth to that, we can at least turn to escape in a book, accompanied by an easy drinking dark beer that evokes so many of the flavors we love - chocolate, dark toast, roasted nuts and cacao.

This song captures winter well, and also the fear that can divide us, a fear many people play on now regularly. The snow falling seems to create a wall-like chill separating people in the lyrics, and the song builds to barely controlled, chaotic noise as the imagery builds up into an urgent request for the listener to just "Listen." .

So do that. And offer someone a beer as you


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