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Revisiting one of the world's most important beers - Saison Dupont by Brasserie Dupont

There's too much that could be said about the place Saison Dupont holds in beer history. Saison as a style remains somewhat a mystery, more a name given to a broad category of beers with similar profiles and origin stories, yet not necessarily a tight enough flavor profile when you look at what beers have been called a saison over time. Saison Dupont IS considered one of the gold standards of farmhouse/saison brewing though, for whatever we take that to mean. Personally, it's one of the 5 beers that introduced me to Belgian brewing in general. Why am I posting about this classic though? Because the classics are getting a little forgotten about as we chase down new saisons from both sides of the ocean, as we indulge in America's young beer drinking scene, and as Belgian beer becomes less a focal point of the top echalon of beer.

I'm not going to ramble on about this beer a lot, partially because Jeff Alworth of Beervana Blog, one of my original blogging inspirations around 2007/8, did an amazing job here: Simple advice - pair this with potato latkes and apple sauce this holiday season.


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