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Service/Food&Beverage Industry Fundraising + Takeout/Delivery/Curbside Restaurant and Bar Menus

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Here is a list of fundraising links and menus for helping out particular Chicago and Chicagoland employees and bar/restaurant/etc staffs!

One of the more comprehensive lists for fundraisers: CHICAGO SERVICE RELIEF

Best Website for Menus and Takeout Options/Delivery/Curbside: DINING AT A DISTANCE

- Supports All Together Now, Ludlow Liquors, Young American, Elske, Mott St., Mini Mott, Hopewell Brewing Co. Taproom, Passerotto, Pacific Standard Time, Scofflaw, Steingold's, Bang Bang Pie, Pretty Cool Ice Cream, Daisies, bungalow by middle brow, MFKBar, Biscay, giant, Chef's Speciality Rock Korean Kitchen, Perilla Korean American, GT Prime, GT Fish and Oyster, Twisted Hippo Taproom and Eatery, Birrieria Zaragoza, Avondale Bowl, Volo Restaurant, Estereo, Sportsman's Club, Boeufhaus, Galit Restaurant, Cafè Marie Jeanne

Alinea / Next Restaurant / The Aviary / The Office / Roister Aviary - take home cocktail kits rotating weekly Alinea - take out menu Roister - take out menu… Next : Italia at Home take out…

Billy Sunday Temporarily closed

Beermiscuous Beer Cafe - Staff Go Fund Me

Cindy's Rooftop Temporarily closed

The Darling Chicago Temporarily closed

The Delta Employee relief fund… Off Premise: Real Wine, Whisky & Craft Beer sister-store in Lincoln Park operating as usual, just 6 ft away 🙂

FieldHouse Jones - Janitor's Closet Temporarily Closed

Fulton Market Kitchen Temporarily closed Burgers provided for Industry workers during regular open hours

Hala Kahiki Tiki Bar & Lounge Temporarily closed

Lost Lake Temporarily closed Employee fundraiser with incentives!…

The Marq Temporarily closed

Parson's Chicken & Fish - Logan Square Parson's Chicken & Fish - Lincoln Park Logan square temporarily closed Lincoln park location limited hours for pick up/delivery food including bevvies…

The Victor Bar / Love Street Temporarily closed Employee relief fund…

Vajra Pick up and delivery 12-8 on various outlets…

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation - Formation of a Crisis Relief Fund


Groundswell Coffee - Employee GoFundme

Sparrow - you can get coffee delivered, 3 16 oz bags for $50 dollars. Check Jimmy McFaland's page on FB

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