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Week(end) Sips, #1

A quick collection of quality liquor, beer, cider, wine and more that I ran across in the wild. Kicking this off rather simply, after a rare Saturday and Sunday off (I haven't had a normal 9-5, M-F work schedule in half a dozen years).

Foursquare + Hampden Probitas White Rum

The short and sweet of it: this is beautiful rum from two great distilleries dedicated to guarding the truest expressions of the Caribbean's rum tradition, while allowing for experimentation and innovation. Jamaican fruitiness. Bajan vanilla and hints of grass and toffee and other beautiful flavors join together in this blend made by Foursquare's Richard Seale. It's designed for daiquiris, evoking the kinds of rums that enlivened that classic cocktail in the post-prohibition 30s. Remarkable body as well as flavor.

Nikka Coffey Malt Japanese Whiskey 100% malted barley, but distilled in a coffey still (continuous column). The final product has a light sweetness balanced by a slightly earthy nose of nuts, smoke and spice. The body is textured, and hints of coconut and maple abound.

Funkwerks Tropic King

Tropical fruit and a nice maltiness get cut by ginger and pepper notes in this Imperial, 8% version of the Funkwerks Saison. This beer grew on me, from a mild enjoyment to wishing I'd bought twice as much.

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