• Seth, The Boozy Beggar

Women in Craft: A Conversation with Chicago Beverage Makers


What: A moderated panel.

When: 3/29, TOMORROW, 7 - PM

Where: Saint Lou's Assembly

Why: (see below)

Some tickets remain available! Check here and buy them asap!

Tickets include a cocktail plus some small bites

Two reasons why.

1) It is still far too rare to get such important ladies in craft in one room to talk about the direction of their shared industry, and even more rare to have it cut across the sub-categories of booze and hit media, spirits, beer, cider, and wine.

2) I have had conversations about the industry and the state of booze and the state of their particular venture in booze with three of these ladies: Emma, Jenny, Michelle, on a regular enough basis, that I can say without a doubt, that you will learn something tomorrow night. You will also get to touch upon the diverse ways in which Chicago's booze scene is at the crossroads of both a national and regional change to media, spirits, beer, cider, and even wine.

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