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Unnamed Cocktail

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

1.5 oz Probitas Rum

1 oz fresh cucumber juice

0.5 oz lime juice

0.5 oz blueberry-sage syrup*

0.5 oz cocchi Americano

3 dashes Peychaud's or Creole bitters

Shake all ingredients together with ice, double strain into a coupe.

*Blueberry-sage syrup

Pint of blueberries

16 oz of water

16 oz granulated sugar

20 sage leaves

Combine water and sugar in a pot, heat on medium. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Once dissolved, add blueberries and sage. Bring as close to a boil as possible, but don't let it roll at all. Stir whenever it gets too close to boiling. Do this part for 15-20 minutes, then bring the heat down to low and hold it like that for another 20 minutes. Strain and chill before use.


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